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All the following claims of physiological gains are not just here-say, they have been scientifically proven over and over again; just look up kettlebells on the internet and see what I mean. Also, my existing clients are walking proof that all these claims are true!


  • burns more calories than almost all other forms of training by recruiting more muscles at a time

  • torches away fat by raising metabolism, by creating denser muscle mass and by stimulating release of human growth hormone

  • teaches proper core bracing which promotes improved posture and stability, meaning less back ache

  • works multiple muscle groups and joints giving a full body workout

  • improves cardio fitness helping you to live longer

  • increases lean muscle mass thus improving body composition and resting metabolic rate

  • trains your body to work as one unit (functionally) not as individual muscles in isolation

  • strengthens joints by strengthening connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, cartilage)

  • reveals and corrects weaknesses and compensatory movements often caused by misalignment and muscular imbalances

  • builds muscular endurance so you can keep going for longer in your everyday activities

  • tones and firms muscles making you feel and look healthier and stronger

  • recruits more core stabiliser muscles than many other forms of training, thus improving balance

  • uses muscles through a wider range of movement, thus creating strength at the extremes of range of movement

  • improves co-ordination (motor skills) and mental focus so your brain gets a workout too!

  • develops improved posture, movement and balance by strengthening the posterior kinetic chain (the muscles on the back of the body)

  • protects the body against injury and strain by improving mobility, strength and flexibility

  • cures lower back pain by recruiting and 'switching on' gluteus muscles which relieve the lower back of workload

  • develops power (strength and speed combined) using dynamic and explosive movements

  • develops an ability to absorb forces and shock safely and efficiently in all planes of movement

  • uses non-impact exercises saving knee and hip joints from damaging impact forces

  • is a low-tech bit of kit, it won't break down, nor break the bank

  • easy to learn and recommended for everyone, from beginners to advanced, ideal for men and women, old and young

  • is a simple and adaptable training tool which is also engaging and time efficient

  • huge variety of exercises, with just one bit of kit

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