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In a word, AWESOME!

In every Kettlebell Crazy class, the emphasis is on having fun whilst building overall fitness and strength.  It's not about getting mega muscly. The exercises are low impact, dynamic (active), engaging, interactive, and require a smidgen of focus and co-ordination. You'll do a variety of exercises (different every session) in an interval-training style format, so: work, rest, work, rest, etc. with punchy music to sing along to! Because I'm an Advanced (Master) Kettlebell Instructor, you'll do exercises with me that are very different from a standard kettlebell session.  The actual workout takes about 22 mins (allow 45 mins to include instruction and warm up/down) and will leave you buzzing for days!   Kettlebells are available to borrow, but you will soon want to buy your own :)

What's a Kettlebell Crazy kettlebell class like?: About
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